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Managers Can Be Developed, but Leaders Are Born, Not Made.

Managers can be developed, but leaders are born, not made. Table of contents Table of contents ii 1 INTRODUCTION 1 2 BODY OF ARGUEMENT 1 2.1 THE ROLE OF THE MANAGER 1 2.2 THE ROLE OF THE LEADER 1 2.3 OVERLAP BETWEEN THE ROLES OF MANAGER AND LEADER 2 2.4 CAN THE ROLES OF THE MANAGER AND LEADER BE DEVELOPED? 2 2.5 CAN GREAT LEADERS BE DEVELOPED, OR ARE THEY BORN? 3 3 CONCLUSION 4 4 REFERENCES 4 1 INTRODUCTION To debate the statement ‘managers can be developed, but leaders are born, not made’ we first need to gain an understanding of the roles played by managers and leaders, outlining the perceived differences and how these have evolved over time. This will provide the context for discussion of†¦show more content†¦Zaleznik (1977) contends there has been a shift from the leader being viewed as an idolised head of business, to an artist. This has been summarised by Angelucci (2005: 12) as leadership revolving around the art of managing people â€Å"which requires willingness to accept and understand their human aspects and diversity†. Singe (1997: 32) went further by suggesting we have â€Å"to surrender the myth of leaders as isolated heroes commanding their organisations from on high†. In future, leadership â€Å"will be distributed among diverse individuals and teams who share responsibility for creating the organisations future†. These findings suggest the isolated roles of manager and leader should cease to exist, and that all organisations need elements of leadership throughout. 2.4 CAN THE ROLES OF THE MANAGER AND LEADER BE DEVELOPED? Management in its basic technical form is tangible and can be developed. Budgeting, resource allocation and human resource management courses are widespread. Interestingly Bennis (2009) found throughout his study that United States organisations were under-led and over-managed. He placed fault with the management schools, suggesting they trained candidates technically but not as leaders. Hence, the difficulty lies in developing the leadership skills necessary throughout organisations. Parks (2005) argues that leadership is not reliant on having appropriate naturalShow MoreRelatedAre Leaders Born Or Made?1372 Words   |  6 Pagesrespondents to answer the question ‘are leaders born or made?’ The results showed that 52.4% believed leaders are made, 19.1% felt leaders are born and 28.5% thought it was equal. The executives had differing opinions but the ‘leaders are made’ view was more popular. It also revealed that those who indicated ‘leaders are made’ believe that experience is more important than traits or training and what people learn over time is important. Those who indicated ‘leaders are born’ believe traits and experienceRead MoreThe Great Man Theroy1577 Words   |  7 Pagescentury. The idea of the theory is leader and leadership. The basic idea of the theory is that leaders are born and not made. Thomas Carlyle, a historian in nineteenth century presented his ideas on leadership, named â€Å"The Great Man Theory.† Carlyle focused on the influence great men had on historical events. Like great people such as Mohammad, Shakespeare, and Napoleon among others (Goleman). The basic theme of The Great Man Theory is that â€Å"Leaders are born and not made† (Bass). Research done in theRead MoreLeaders Are Born Or Made?1062 Words   |  5 Pagesargue whether leaders are born or made. This will be done by discussing some relevant theories of leaderships such as the trait, situational and behavioural theories. It will also discuss the differences between leadership and management. Furthermore, the Contingency theories which are related to sources of power will be address as well. New development of situational theories will also be reviewed and discuss base on their strengths and weaknesses. Also relevant literatures which can support theseRead MoreLeadership And Leadership : Effective Leadership1257 Words   |  6 Pageseffective leadership can provide positive ways to influence others in order to accomplish goals. Managers could use trait leadership perspectives to become better leaders. As a leader, motivating your employees is key to an or ganizational structure. Leadership is a process which commences by following. Skill set born with or learned. As a follower one can learn and improve in their performance to be an effective leader. According to the text, leadership influence can be located in one personRead MoreCharacteristics Of A Great Leader1379 Words   |  6 PagesTo be a great leader one must have many attributes or qualities. Some of the most important are flexibility, communication, courage, humility, and responsibility. A great leader must be flexible as being a leader usually consists of dealing with new challenges all the time, especially in the technological age. Communication consists of effectively conveying expectations and understanding how people will interpret the leader’s directions. A great leader must have the courage to see the path that theRead MoreLeaders Are Born Not Made1283 Words   |  6 PagesLEADERS ARE BORN NOT MADE To begin this essay I would prefer to give a little scenario by asking ourselves, can all managers go on to be a leader? For several years, the concern whether leaders are born or made is an issue of great controversy. From different opinions however, it could be a little bit of both hence proving that any manager can go on to be a great leader as well. Among other definitions, Maxwell (1993, p.11) has defined leadership as an ability to influence others. He also definedRead MoreBehavioural Theory. The Best Leaders Are Those Who Have1537 Words   |  7 PagesBehavioural Theory The best leaders are those who have the flexibility to adapt their behavioural style, and choose the relevant style suitable for different situations. This theory claims that people can learn how to be successful leaders by observation and particular behaviour patterns may be seen as suitable leadership techniques. This theory can help managers find a stable balance between different styles of leadership, and to decide how to behave as a leader, depending on concerns for productivityRead MoreLeadership As A Good Follower1606 Words   |  7 Pagesenvironment but throughout every aspect of one’s life. Leaders become leaders not only because they portray the characteristics of leadership but also because people want to follow them. Some believe leaders are born while others feel they are made. Yet, despite the controversy, all effective leaders carry the same traits, which include honesty, delegation, effective communication, creativity and confidence in oneself and those working for them. As a leader, these are attributes that I strive to reach. LeadershipRead MoreHow Management Has Changed Over The Past 50 Years1126 Words   |  5 Pages Management has changed significantly over the past 50 years. The role of leaders in an organization is an ever changing thing. At one point, a manager was also the owner of the company, and thus used a carrot and a stick to get his employees to work, just like a parent personally invested in the raising of their child. Not anymore. Nowadays, leaders are there to â€Å"serve† their employees. The focus is on motivating the individual, achieving organizational goals by integrating each and every individualRead MoreLeaders Are Made Not Born1700 Words   |  7 Pages Leaders are made not born. If a person has the desire and willpower it can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training and experience. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge

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African-American History Timeline 1980 to 1989

The 1980s saw important firsts for African Americans recognized for their excellence, in the diverse fields of politics, science, literature, entertainment, and sports. 1980 January: American entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson (born 1946) launches Black Entertainment Television (BET). U.S. politician Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. (born 1934) is selected by the California Assembly to become the Speaker of the state legislature. Brown is the first African-American to hold this position. He serves in this capacity for 15 years and in 1995 is elected as mayor of San Francisco. May 17–20: A riot erupts in Liberty City, Florida after police officers are acquitted of the murder of an unarmed African-American man. The Miami Riot lasted 24 hours and an estimated 15 people were killed. The riot is considered the worst in U.S. history since the Detroit Riots of 1967.   Novelist Toni Cade Bambara’s (1939–1995) collection of short stories, The Salt Eaters wins the American Book Award. 1982  Ã‚     A national campaign against environmental racism  is launched when Reverend Benjamin Chavis (b. 1948) and his congregation block a toxic waste dump in North Carolina. U.S. journalist Bryant Gumbel (b. 1948) becomes the first African-American to be an anchor on a major network when he joins The Today Show. Nov. 30: Recording artist Michael Jackson (1958–2009) releases Thriller. The album will ultimately be considered the bestselling album in music history when it sells 45 million copies worldwide.   1983 April 18: The novel The Color Purple, written by poet and activist Alice Walker (b. 1944),  wins the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. April 29: U.S. politician Harold Washington (1922–1987) is elected the 51st mayor of Chicago, becoming the first African-American to hold the position. Aug. 30: Guion S. Bluford, Jr. (b. 1942) becomes the first African-American astronaut to make a space flight. Sept. 17: Singer-actress Vanessa Williams (b. 1963) is the first African-American to be crowned Miss America. Nov. 3: Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday becomes a  federal holiday  when Ronald Reagan signs the bill. Newspaper publisher and editor Robert C. Maynard (1937–1993) becomes the first African-American to own a major daily newspaper when he owns the majority of stock in the Oakland Tribune. 1984 Pennsylvania politician W. Wilson Goode (b. 1938) becomes the first African-American mayor of Philadelphia. The Reverend Jesse Jackson (b. 1941) runs for president in the Democratic primary, the second African-American to run—the first was Shirley Chisholm (1924–2005). During the primary, Jackson wins one-fourth of the votes and one-eighth of the convention delegates before losing the nomination to Walter Mondale (b. 1928). Carl Lewis (b. 1961) wins four gold medals at the 1984 Olympics. His wins match the record set by Jesse Owens (1913–1980). Sept. 20: The Cosby Show makes its debut on NBC. It will become the most successful series featuring an African-American cast in television history. Def Jam Recordings is established by Russell Simmons (b. 1957). 1985 Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode orders Philadelphia law enforcement agents to bomb the headquarters of MOVE, a black liberation group founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by John Africa (born Vincent Leaphart) in 1972. The bombing leaves 250 people homeless and 11 dead. Gwendolyn Brooks (1917–2000) becomes the first African-American to be named the U.S. Poet Laureate. 1986 Martin Luther King, Jr.s  national holiday is celebrated across the United States. Jan 28: Six crew members die when the Challenger space shuttle explodes after it launches from the Kennedy Space Center. One of the crew members is African-American astronaut Dr. Ronald McNair (1950–1986). March 6: Mike Tyson (b. 1966) becomes the youngest heavyweight champion in the world when he defeats Trevor Berbick (b. 1954). Sept. 8: The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986–2011) becomes a nationally syndicated talk show. 1987 Rita Dove (b. 1952)  wins the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Reginald Lewis (1942–1993) becomes the first African-American CEO of a billion-dollar corporation when he orchestrates  the buyout of Beatrice Foods. Neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson (b. 1951) leads a team of seventy surgeons at John Hopkins University Hospital in a 22-hour operation separating conjoined twins. ·Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ ·Ã‚  Ã‚   Anthropologist Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole (b. 1936) becomes the first African-American woman to preside over Spelman College. American singer and activist Aretha Franklin (1942–2018) becomes the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Novelist and essayist  James Baldwin  dies from stomach cancer.   1988 Jesse Jackson  seeks the Democratic Presidential nomination for the second time. Jackson receives 1,218 delegate votes but loses the nomination to Michael Dukakis. The first Ph.D. in African-American Studies is offered by Temple University. Bill Cosby donates $20 million to Spelman College. Cosby’s gift is the largest ever made by an African-American to a college or university. 1989 Barbara C. Harris (b. 1930) becomes the first woman bishop in the Anglican Episcopal Church. Ronald H. Brown (1941–1996) becomes the first African-American to head one of the two major political parties when he is elected chair of the Democratic National Committee. Frederick Drew Gregory (b. 1941) is the first African-American to command a space shuttle by leading the Discovery. Retired four-star general Colin Powell (b. 1937) is the first African-American to be named Chair of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. L. Douglas Wilder (b. 1931) is elected governor of Virginia, making him the first African-American to win the popular vote for the governorship. David Dinkins (b. 1927) and Norman Rice (b. 1943) are both elected mayors of New York City and Seattle respectively and are the first African-Americans to hold such positions. Former player and broadcaster Bill White (b. 1934) becomes the first African American to be chosen to head the Major League Baseball’s National League. Former player Art Shell is the first African-American to be hired to be the head coach of a National Football League team when he leads the Oakland Raiders; he is also inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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Elie Wiesel Night Reflection - 794 Words

Elie Wiesel was born in the Romanian town of Sighet. His parents came from Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish families. Both of hi parents died in the Nazi concentration camps, as did his younger sister; his two elder sister survived. After the war, Wiesel went an Orphanage in France, studies at the Sorbonne, and became a journalist. The name of the book is call the Night. It were written in the 1955-1958. It also were written from South America, France. The book was published in Argentina, France. The genre of the book is a memoir. The setting of the book were during WWll in Europe. The climax of the book were Eliezer’s father’s death. The Antagonist of Night is the German SS guards and officers; the Kapos. The point of view this book were†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"In good health† (Wiesel, Elie, pg 32,Children, pg32). It show us how they were treated, if you were not in good health you would be burn. â€Å"Stand up†, â€Å"I must have made some moveme nt to get up, but I felt myself fall back on crate.† It show us how they were treated and how they didn’t care for theme. â€Å"The book also looks at what it is like for an adolescent to live in a situation where he and those around him are no longer treated as humans.† It talk about Inhumanity. â€Å"My father was a cultured man, rather unsentimental† (Wiesel,Elie,pg4). It tell us what kind father he had. â€Å"There were four of us children, Hilda, the eldest; then Bea; I was the third and only son; Tzipora was the youngest† (Wiesel,Elie,pg4). It tell us about his family. â€Å"Night explores the ways traditional father-son relationships break down under impossibly difficult conditions†. It talk about father and son. â€Å"I was twelve I believed profoundly. During the day I studied the Talmud, and at night I ran to the Synagogue to weep over the destruction of the temple. It talk about father and son. â€Å"Holocaust remembrance depict ing the horrors of Auschwitz, published in 1960, to forget would not only be dangerous but offensive to forget the dead would be akin to killing theme a second time.† It tell about The Danger of Forgetting And The Imperative of Remembrance. â€Å"Their race, religion or political views,Show MoreRelatedElie Wiesel Night Reflection1035 Words   |  5 Pages The Holocaust is known for its vast dehumanization; nevertheless, history does not acknowledge the faith destroyed as a result. Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and author of the memoir Night, recounts his experiences telling his own story of faith being taken away from him. Wiesel, like many other Jews of this time, was taken from his home to Nazi-controlled concentration camps. Before his deportation, Wiesel’s faith used to be an eminent aspect of his life, describing himself as a childRead MoreThe Destruction Of The Holocaust1203 Words   |  5 Pagespreventing it. Elie Wiesel’s fulfilled his pur pose of showing the heinous crimes of the Holocaust through the change of characterization of Elie before, during and after the events of Wiesel s 1940 memoir-Night. The Holocaust is remembered as a stain on history, where a massive genocide occurred. but we must also recognize the souls and personalities that were killed and burned. Wiesel trembling hands picked up these ashes, personifying their ebony remains into a young child-Elie. For every soulRead MoreThe Holocaust: Night by Elie Wiesel1635 Words   |  7 PagesJews were persecuted, tortured and slaughtered in concentration camps (â€Å"The Holocaust† 1). Night by Elie Wiesel is the powerful memoir of his experiences during the Holocaust. Night shows the tragedy of the Holocaust through the use literary devices, including the themes of loss of faith and cruelty toward other human beings, night as a symbol of suffering and fear, and the use of first person narrative. Night allows the reader to emotionally connect with the victims of the Holocaust, encourages themRead MoreNight, By Elie Wiesel1476 Words   |  6 PagesIn Night, by Elie Wiesel, one man tells his story of how he survived his terrible experience during the Holocaust. Wiesel takes you on a journey through his â€Å"night† of the Holocaust, and how he survived the world’s deadliest place, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Elie Wiesel will captivate you on his earth shattering journey th rough his endless night. Elie Wiesel’s book Night forces you to open your eyes to the real world by using; irony, diction, and repetition to prove that man does have the capability toRead MoreThe Inhumane Treatment Of The Holocaust1714 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion of these people being Jewish. Not only were millions murdered, but hundreds of thousands who survived the concentration camps were forever scarred by the dehumanizing events that they saw, committed, and lived through. In the novel â€Å"Night† by Elie Wiesel, Wiesel recounts the spine-chillingly horrific events of the Holocaust that affected him first-hand, in an attempt to make the reality of the Holocaust clear and understandable to those who could not believe it. What was arguably one of the worstRead MoreThe Death Of The Cattle Cars1610 Words   |  7 Pageswhich no one believed, helped to pass the time. The few days we lived here went by pleasantly enough, in peace. There were no longer questions of w ealth, of social distinction, and importance only people condemned to the same fate-still unknown† (Night 20). Elie and the others Jews from his community lose some of their innocence when placed on the train to go to the camps. Overall, nobody seemed to think they would actually be doing this and at first still had hope. After being forced on the train theyRead MoreNight by Elie Wiesel Essay1004 Words   |  5 PagesNight by Elie Wiesel Night is a memoir written by Elie Wiesel, a young Jewish boy, who tells of his experiences during the Holocaust. Elie is a deeply religious boy whose favorite activities are studying the Talmud and spending time at the Temple with his spiritual mentor, Moshe the Beadle. At an early age, Elie has a naive, yet strong faith in God. But this faith is tested when the Nazis moves him from his small town. Night begins in 1941, when Elie, is twelve years old. Having grown upRead MoreNight And Maus Reflection1343 Words   |  6 Pageskilled , many survived the Holocaust to tell their story . Some like Elie Wiesel, wrote their story from personal experience.Others like Vladek Spiegelman told told their story with the help of relatives. In Elie Wiesel’s story , he talks about how his life was before and during the Holocaust. In Vladeks story , by his son, Art, Spiegelman, was told through a series of interviews and a graphic novel. The authors of Night and Maus portray the Holocaust through survivor testimony , interviewsRead MoreNight And Dawn : The End And The Beginning Of A Day1667 Words   |  7 PagesNight and Dawn. The end and the beginning of a day. Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, noted author and recipient of the Noble Peace Prize, writes of both the darkness of the Holocaust and of the dawn of its ending. While Night is Wiesel’s autobiographical tale of h is experiences during the Holocaust, both in his hometown and in the concentration camps, Dawn is a fictional tale of Elisha, an eighteen-year-old Holocaust survivor, who has joined the Jewish Resistance movement in Palestine. Both are storiesRead MoreElie Wiesel : A Resilient, Compassionate, Wise, And Intelligent Human Being Essay1380 Words   |  6 Pagescourageous, and wise? It’s hard to know how you would act during this circumstance, nevertheless to imagine this situation at all. However, Elie Wiesel was one to not only experience this horrible situation but survive it. Through his journey he stayed strong and courageous, even if he didn’t realize that is what he was doing at the time. In my opinion, Elie Wiesel was a resilient, compassionate, wise, and an intelligent human being. Of course, no one would have realized that they were being strong or

Art and Literature, a Comparison - 965 Words

Art and Literature: A Comparison Art and writing are two very different ways of expressing oneself, but there are elements of artistic expression that remain common in both. Tone, theme, and structure are just a few of these elements. The works of Jasper Johns, False Start, and, Painting with Two Balls, as well as Annie Dillards, Heaven and Earth in Jest, are comparable in that all three works of art use the aforementioned elements in order to reach the audience with a direct point, which seems to be the idea that in order to understand anything in life and nature, you need to look to actually see the true meaning and purpose behind it. The structure and tone of these works are used similarly by both artists in order to†¦show more content†¦Created in 1960, the painting is 65 by 54 inches, almost the exact same size as, False Start, (Artchive Painting). The paint used in, Painting with Two Balls, does not differ much from that of, False Start. The bright colors are used again, setting the same uplifting tone for this piece as the other two works. The structure of this piece differs dramatically from, False Start, but is much like Annie Dillards, Heaven in Earth in Jest, in that it is broken into three visible parts, just as Dillard created intentional paragraph breaks. The structure of the painting seems to literally demonstrate the theme. The first break with two balls symbolically and literally represents two eyes peering through blinds. This is a literal representation of the theme in the sense that it is comparable to two eyes looking past what is on the surface for a deeper meaning. The structure and tone of both works by Jasper Johns demonstrate the simplistic beauty of plain existence. The works analyzed by Annie Dillard and Jasper Johns utilize structure and tone to clearly present the theme they wish to portray. The bright colors of Johns paintings are comparable to the imagery used by Dillard in her anecdotes, and the structures of all three works are somewhat similar, as described above. The idea that you need to look past whats on the surface in order to fully understand anything is present in all three works, and the simplicity of existence is a messageShow MoreRelatedEveryday Use By Alice Walker1102 Words   |  5 PagesAdvertised in the general outlines of the plot, both literary themes talks of a quest for freedom, the characters identity and self-expression. Adrienne Rich â€Å"Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers† Alice Walker â€Å"Everyday Use† Comparison Paper Analyzing the two types of literature forms, a poem and a short story the two authors grew up different, with different surroundings, and have written stories in different times of history when men controlled and women were expected to become obedient wives; andRead MoreDesign Of The Study On Art Education Curriculum And Practices1425 Words   |  6 Pagesresearch study examines ideas concerning how art education curriculum and practices might best engage students living in poverty. The main research question asks: How might art education curriculum and practices best engage students living in poverty? Sub questions that developed from the initial research question are: What art curriculum can be implemented to best engage students living in low SES situations? What teaching practices can be implemented in art lessons to encourage student engagement?Read MoreRobert and the Dog872 Words   |  4 Pageslanguage has been an evolution too and during this process literature emerged with an artistic interest to express feelings, thoughts and their imagination. But, what is literature? Many theorists have tried to explain that, and we have some patterns that are typical in their texts. In the text â€Å"Robert and the dog† by Ken Saro-Wiwa you can find some of this patterns such as the human being view, the disposition to analyze stories and the literature as an aesthetic object. To begin with, the firstRead MoreFigurative Language in Romeo and Juliet1470 Words   |  6 Pageswith its astonishing qualities. The very essence of cooperation and communication relies eternally on the inspired art of language, without which any possible human development could occur. Furthermore, the perception of verbal communication splits between two realms, reality and literature, constituting two linguistic variations, figurative and literal. Throughout the world of literature, figurative language adds depth and dimension to any work of writing. It describes something comprehendible on anRead MoreThe Statistical Analysis Of Education In The Arts988 Words   |  4 Pagesthis study will not require the development of any surveys or test instruments. Nor will this study require any interviews or human subject involvement. All references to data in this study will be derived from previous studies and a review of the literature. One significant methodology for the study is th e employed statistical analysis of data from the National Educational Longitudinal Survey (NELS:88), a data base of the U.S. Department of Education that tracks student responses to survey questionsRead MoreLiterary Devices852 Words   |  4 PagesStalin’s Communist regime. Alliteration - the repetition of the initial consonant. There should be at least two repetitions in a row. i.e. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Allusion – A reference to a famous person or event in life or literature. i.e. Pyramus and Thisbe, the play-within-a-play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is an allusion to the classical Greek play of the same name. Assonance - the repetition of similar vowel sounds in a sentence. i.e. And murmuring of innumerableRead MoreThe Road That Led African Americans986 Words   |  4 PagesNorth, Blacks still experienced some indifference, though not on the same scale as they had in the South. In Lift Every Voice and Sing, Johnson uses rhyming which of course is standard of most poetry. He also uses simile in line five with his comparison of how the sound of joy should be loud like that of the rolling sea. Lift Every Voice and Sing is both carefully and craftily composed, and uses vivid imagery as well as religious theme, which is also prevalent in a majority of Johnson’s works,Read MoreReader, Readability And Relativity In The Criticism Of Propp, Barthes, And Fish Literary Analysis1095 Words   |  5 Pagesreadings of texts...[which] include: art for art s sake, content = form, and texts exist in and for themselves . These premises lead to the development of reading strategies that isolate and objectify the overt structures of texts as well as authoria l techniques and language usage [that] aims to classify, categorize, and catalog works according to their formal atrributes. Many well-known among the New Critics formulated both criticism and literature beyond the comprehensive abilities ofRead MoreDifferent Historical And Cultural Barriers Affect The Way Literature And Other Forms Of Art Are Depicted930 Words   |  4 PagesDifferent historical and cultural barriers affect the way literature and other forms of art are depicted. Maggie Nelson, Azar Nafisi, and Tim O’Brien explore the effect of political and ideological contexts on various forms of art and the way they are created or viewed. In â€Å"Great to Watch,† Nelson criticizes the media for not considering the barrier that exists between those who are educated in understanding art and and those who are not because she finds that the people who are not well informedRead MoreThe Fall Of The House Of Usher By Edgar Allan Poe1216 Words   |  5 Pageswriter who w rites many short stories, novels, and poems in the 19th century. Although he is obviously a very prolific writer, he is most famous for his macabre literature. This literature of his is best known for its melancholy descriptions that establish a setting and mood that contribute to the overall tale. Poe’s goal through his literature is to evoke horror into the reader’s mind. In â€Å"The Fall of The House of Usher,† Poe presents the demise of a distinguished family. The description of the house

Analysis Work Income statement of Acrux Limited

Question: Describe about the "Acrux limited". Answer: Executive Summary The below analysis has been done with an intention to understand the financial statement structure and understand how the same has been used in the decision making process by the users. For the below analysis work AURUX Limited has been considered which is a publicly listed company traded in the Australian Stock exchange. Introduction Aurux limited is a pharmaceutical company which is engaged in the drug development exercise. The management of the company through the use of its proprietary drug delivery technology has focused on commercialisation of its topical products. The company was incorporated in the year 1998. The company is very popular in US and Europe and has successfully licensed and developed a range of pharmaceutical products in these countries. The company later on in the year 2004 was listed in the Australian stock exchange. The company is engaged in carrying out necessary research and development work for the drug and is consistently working on a range of generic and patent-preferred products. The company is majorly working on marketing its three major products which includes: Axiron Evamist Lenzetto These three products are approved by the authorities and thus are well marketed by the company. The management of the company is on a continuous basis leveraging with its Onsite laboratories, commercial and clinical experience and GMP manufacturing suite to introduce new product in the market. The development process of the company includes: Analytical method development and validation Container closure selection Manufacturing scale-up and technical transfer to commercial-scale facilities Performing CMC activities, studies and reports for regulatory submissions Applicator or device development Extractables and leachables testing Stability testing The company because of its extraordinary contribution to the medical field has been awarded twice with the 2010 Governor of Victoria Export Awards. Further for its Innovation Excellence, the company has been awarded with the Victorian Export Award. In the year 2010, the company for the product Axiron has signed the largest single product deal in the Australian history of biotechnology Review of Financial performance of the company The balance sheet of the company provides information about the financial performance of the company. It contains information about the asset and liabilities that has been owned by the company. The asset and liabilities of the company are bifurcated by the short term and long term classification. The information contained in the balance sheet is being used by the users for decision making purposes. The major heads of balance sheet in case of Acrux limited for the two year ended 2015 and 2014 are as follows: Particular (in thousands) 2014 2015 Change % change Cash and cash equivalents $ 25,775 $ 23,068 $ (2,707) -11% Receivables $ 5,488 $ 4,826 $ (662) -12% Prepaid expenses $ 116 $ 117 $ 1 1% Total current assets $ 31,379 $ 28,011 $ (3,368) -11% Non-current assets Gross property, plant and equipment $ 21,679 $ 1,332 $ (20,347) -94% Accumulated Depreciation $ (88) $ (1,240) $ (1,152) 1309% Intangible assets $ 251 $ 20,392 $ 20,141 8024% Total non-current assets $ 21,842 $ 20,484 $ (1,358) -6% Current liabilities Accounts payable $ 217 $ 106 $ (111) -51% Deferred income taxes $ 4,526 $ 1,764 $ (2,762) -61% Other current liabilities $ 1,313 $ 1,332 $ 19 1% Total current liabilities $ 6,056 $ 3,202 $ (2,854) -47% Non-current liabilities Deferred taxes liabilities $ 5,097 $ 4,649 $ (448) -9% Other long-term liabilities $ 11 $ 19 $ 8 73% Total non-current liabilities $ 5,108 $ 4,668 $ (440) -9% Stockholders' equity Common stock $ 95,873 $ 95,873 $ - 0% Retained earnings $ (54,454) $ (56,442) $ (1,988) 4% Accumulated other comprehensive income $ 638 $ 1,194 $ 556 87% Total stockholders' equity $ 42,057 $ 40,625 $ (1,432) -3% The current asset of the company includes cash and cash equivalent, accounts receivables and prepaid expenses. Out of the total current asset, cash and cash equivalent contributes nearly 80% of the total assets. The cash balance of the company is consistent over the period of last 5 years. There has been huge reduction in the revenue numbers of the company. The revenue of the company has decreased by 53% in the year 2015 as compared to the previous year. However, with decrease in revenue numbers, the account receivable balances of the company havent seen a downfall. On the other hand, in case of prepaid expense, the balance standing in the books sounds immaterial from the perspective of the company. The non-current assets of the company are majorly contributed by the property, plant and equipment and intangible assets. There has been no major change being witnessed in the property, plant and equipment balance in the current year 2015 as compared to the previous year. The property, pl ant and equipment balances have been reduced considerably in the last two years. On the other hand, the intangible asset balances of the company have increased by 80% in the last two years. The high intangible asset standing in the books of the company is majorly on account of the expenses capitalised in the books for medicines like Axiron and Ellavie. The major heads capitalised in this case includes external research and development expenses, capitalisation of employee benefits and other capitalised amounts. The company is continuously making further investment in these medicines which in overall increasing the capitalised base of the company for these medicines. The amount so capitalised is being amortised over the period of coming 15 years. The current liability of the company includes accounts, current tax payable by the company and short term provision. The current tax payable by the company has reduced considerably in the year 2015 by 61% as compared to the previous year; this is majorly on account of reduction in the profit for the company. The short term provision of the company includes provision for employee entitlements. The same is consistent and rotates with employee retrenchments. The non-current liabilities portion is being is covered by the deferred tax liabilities and other liabilities. The deferred tax liabilities by its very nature have been classified as non-current. The deferred tax liabilities balance decreased by 8% over the period. This decrease is majorly on account of intangible assets. The long term provision of the company includes provision for employee entitlements. The same is consistent and rotates with employee retrenchments. The shareholders equity consists of contributed equity, reserves and accumulated losses for the company. There has been no change in the equity balance of the company from past 2 years. However, the company has witnessed loss in the year 2015 which has increased the accumulated loss balance in the year. When the financial ratio calculated on the balance sheet numbers, it has been noted that the current ratio and quick ratio of the company has shown improvement in the year 2015 as compared to the previous year. Review of Income Statement of the company The Income statement of the company provides information about the profit or loss earned by the Company. It contains the information relating to expenses done by the company during the financial year and income earned by the company during the year. All the taxes paid by the company during the year are deducted from the income earned by the Company to ascertain the net income earned by the Company during the year. It helps investors to know the profit earned by the company as compared to last year. If the company earns profit then investors intends to make investments in the Company and if the income statement shows huge losses then company losses the investors. Hence, the Income statement should provide the true and fair picture of the financials of the company so that investors can make the decision relating to investment easily. The major heads of Income statement in case of Acrux limited for the two year ended 2015 and 2014 are as follows: Particulars in Million AUD 2014-06 2015-06 Change Change% Revenue $ 53 $ 25 $ -28 -52.83% Cost of revenue $ 2 $ 1 $ -1 -50.00% Gross profit $ 52 $ 24 $ -28 -53.85% Sales, General and administrative $ 4 $ 5 $ 1 25.00% Other operating expenses $ 4 $ 2 $ -2 -50.00% Total operating expenses $ 8 $ 8 $ 0 0.00% Operating income $ 43 $ 17 $ -26 -60.47% Income before taxes $ 44 $ 17 $ -27 -61.36% Provision for income taxes $ 16 $ 6 $ -10 -62.50% Net income from continuing operations $ 28 $ 11 $ -17 -60.71% Net income available to common shareholders $ 28 $ 11 $ -17 -60.71% Earnings per share Basic 0.17 0.07 -0.1 -58.82% Diluted 0.17 0.07 -0.1 -58.82% Weighted average shares outstanding Basic 167 167 0 0.00% Diluted 167 167 0 0.00% Earnings Before Income, Tax Depreciation and Amortization $ 45 $ 17 -28 -62.22% Revenue is the income earned by the company by sellings its products without deducting the expenses. It is the income of the Company prior to the deduction of expenses and taxes. Revenue of the Acrux Limited has decreased from $ 53 Million to $ 25 Million which is around 53%. This shows that the sales of the Acrux Limited decreased as compare to last year. The profit of the Acrux Limited is affected due to down fall in revenue. Cost of goods sold is the direct expense done by the company in producing and manufacturing the products. Cost of revenue of Acrux Limited is also decreases to 50% in year 2015 as compared to year 2014. The cost of the goods produced by the company has been reduced from the last year. During the year 2014 the Cost of goods sold is $ 2 Million which decreases to $ 1 million during the year 2015. This shows that the cost has been reduced by the Acrux Limited in producing the goods and products. Operating expenses associated in the company is the indirect form of expenses. It includes Sales, general and administrative expenses along with other expenses. These expenses relates to selling the products manufactured by the Company. The Operating expenses of the Acrux Limited before income tax are $ 8 Million in year 2015 and 2014. There has been no changed in the operating expenses of the Acrux Limited. There is the consistency in the operating expenses of the Acrux Limited as compared to the last year. Acrux Limited has not earned any non operating income during the year. Acrux Limited has not received any dividend from the companies in which it has invested and there is no gain from the foreign exchange earnings. Hence, the Acrux Limited has not gained or loosed any income in non operating earnings. Operating income of the Acrux Limited has been reduced to $ 17 Million from $ 43 Million during the year 2015. There is about 60.47% change in the operating income during the year. It shows that the sales of the company have been reduced and it effects the performance of the company. The Acrux Limited has bear loss during the year 2015 as compared to year 2014. Earning of the Company before income, taxes, depreciation and amortization has been reduced as compare to last year. During the year 2014 the Earning before income, taxes, depreciation and amortization is $ 45 Million which has been reduced to $ 17 Million in year 2015. This shows that the company faces loss during the year 2015. Earnings per Share (EPS) depict the position of the Company. It shows whether the Company is profitable or not. Earnings per share are the portion left for the stakeholder or the earnings of the shareholders after deducting all expenses and taxes. An earnings per shares is the value given for per outstanding share of the Company. It is calculated by dividing Net profit available for the stakeholders by No. of outstanding stakeholders. Earnings per Share of the Acrux Limited have been reduced from 0.17 to 0.07 in year 2015. There has been about 59% change in the earnings per share of the Acrux Limited. The EPS of the Acrux Limited has reduced from the last year which shows that the profit available to the shareholders has been reduced. The Acrux Limited is giving fewer funds to the stakeholders as compared to last year. It also affects the decision criteria of the investors. Review of Statement of Cash Flow of the company The Cash flow statement of the company provides information about the cash inflow and cash outflow of the Company during the financial year. It informs about the expenses and investments done by the Company during the year in which the cash is out flowed and the cash made by the company by operating, investing and financing activities of the Company. There are three types of activities which depicts the cash inflow and outflow:- Net Cash inflow (Outflow) from operating activities Net Cash inflow (Outflow) from investing activities Net Cash inflow (Outflow) from financing activities The major heads of statement of cash flows in case of Acrux limited for the two year ended 2015 and 2014 are as follows: Particulars in Million AUD 2014-06 2015-06 Cash Flows From Operating Activities Other non-cash items 36 11 Net cash provided by operating activities 36 11 Cash Flows From Investing Activities Investments in property, plant, and equipment 0 0 Property, plant, and equipment reductions Other investing activities Net cash used for investing activities 0 0 Cash Flows From Financing Activities Common stock issued Dividend paid -33 -13 Net cash provided by (used for) financing activities -33 -13 Effect of exchange rate changes 0 0 Net change in cash 3 -3 Cash at beginning of period 23 26 Cash at end of period 26 23 Cash earned from the operating activities is $ 11 Million which is less as compared to cash earned in last year. During last year 2014 Acrux Limited has inflow of $ 36 million which has been reduced during the current year. During the year the cash inflow is less in Acrux Limited as compare to the year 2014. Cash inflow (outflows) from the investing activities is zero. Acrux Limited has not made any investments during the year. The company has not purchases and sold any of its capital assets during the year. Company has not made any type of investment during the current year and last year. Cash inflow (outflows) from the financing activities is $ -13 million. The Company has spent the cash in financing activities. During the Year 2015, the outflow of the cash is less from financing activities as compared to 2014. During 204 the outflow is about $ (33) Million which is more than twice of outflow of current year. Net change in Cash is reduced as compare to change in cash in last year. During last year 2014, the net change in cash is $ 3 Million which has been reduced by about 400 %. Review of Stockholders equity of the company The Stakeholders Equity of the company provides information relating to the money available for the distribution of income to the shareholders after deducting the taxes. It helps in determining the Earnings per share of the company. Stakeholders equity is calculated after deducting all the expenses from the accumulated income of the Company. In the present Company Acrux Limited the common stock is similar in both the year. Company does not issue any bonus shares during the year 2015. The Common stock available to the stakeholders of the Acrux Limited is $ 95, 873 Thousand. Retained loss is available for the stakeholders. The Acrux Limited has the negative retained earnings as the Company has loss during the year. There has been decrease in loss by 4% during the year 2015. Accumulated income has also increased during the year 2015. In year 2014 accumulated income is around $638 thousand which increases by $ 556 thousand in year 2015. There has been about 87% increase in the accumulate d income during the year 2015. The overall stakeholders equity is decrease by $(1,432) thousand during the year 2015. The stockholders equity during the year 2014 is $42057 which has been reduced to $ 40625 thousand. Net Income available for the shareholder during the year 2015 is $11 Million. It has been reduced by 60.71% as compared to last year. Earnings per share are reduced to 0.07 from 0.17. As the company faces the loss during the year so the earnings per share has been reduced to 0.07. In weighted average share outstanding earnings per share is 167. The basic weighted average share outstanding earnings do not change during the year 2014 and 2015. It is constant during the year 2014 and 2015. A diluted weighted average share outstanding earnings is also constant in the year 2015. There is no increase and decrease in the basic and diluted weighted average share outstanding earnings during the year 2014 and 2015. Conclusion On the basis of above analysis it can be concluded that the Company Acrux Limited is facing diminishing economy as the revenue of the company decreases during the current year which results in low profits to the Company. Financial position of the company is not so good. Company has not made any investments during the last two years. Cash and cash balance of the company has been reduced during the year. Gross plant, machinery and equipment of the company have been diminished during the year 2015 as compared to year 2014. Cash flow of the Acrux Limited shows the outflow of the cash during the year. Operating profit, Gross profit and net profit available to the stakeholders has been reduced during the year 2015. Hence, the performance of the company has been decreased from the last year as the sales of the Acrux Limited have been decreased during the year. Investors will not attract towards the Acrux Limited to make the investments as the company does not have retained earnings. References: Morning Star, Cash flow of Acrux Limited, Viewed on May 24th, 2016. Morning Star, Balance sheet of Acrux Limited, Viewed on May 24th, 2016. Morning Star, Income statement of Acrux Limited, Viewed on May 24th, 2016.

Human Resource Management Job Sharing System

Question: Describe about the Human Resource Management for Job Sharing System. Answer: The job sharing system in Motorola has helped in changing major working hours at their East Kilbride plant. The plan was made to be helpful in standardizing the shifts within all of their operations (Williamson Cooper and Baird 2015). It has helped them in forming successfully working shift a total of 84 hours over two weeks time period. In job sharing system two workers would share the 12 hours shift in between them. This system of job sharing has provided Motorola with many benefits like, Motivating employees by job satisfaction- The workers of Motorola has been largely benefited from this system. Their responsibilities have been divided and they do not have to work tirelessly (Park Kim and Krishna 2014). It becomes no hectic for the worker to follow the working timing and they were able to devote some time to their family also. Successfully implementing the amount of working duration- Motorola have implied a total of 7 shifts of 12 hours each over a period of two weeks. The shift timings could have been failed if the job shifting would not have been available (Williamson Cooper and Baird 2015). The company has been largely benefited from their annual reviews and feedback sessions. It has been possible because of their job sharing system. 2. Motorola also has a number of female employees in their business operations. Motorola implemented 12 hours working duration for a shift. It became really difficult for these female employees to carry on the work. The work duration was too onerous for the female employees as they had to take care of their family too. For example- Mary MacDonald was also an employee of Motorola. She had applied for dayshift at Motorola. However, she was also a single parent of two kids. Hence, she has to take care of them as well. The time duration became very hard for her to manage work and kids simultaneously. However, due to the application of job sharing system, she could form a balance between the work and her personal life. It also helps in decreasing the stress level among employees due to work load. Motorola was able to provide work satisfaction to its employees because of this job sharing system. Hence, forming balance between real and personal life, decreasing the stress level due to work load, and job satisfaction were the main reasons and needs for implying job sharing for female employees of Motorola. As per the news article in How two women became CEOs through job sharing (2016), two women became CEOs of a company by job sharing. 3. Job sharing is very important for all the providing the benefits to the company and its employees. The key advantages of job sharing are retaining of employees and efficient job sharing. However, there are some disadvantages of job sharing on employees and customers such as Problem of managing two employees and compatibility issues among the co workers. Advantages Retaining employees- It has helped managers of Motorola for retaining many efficient and hard working employees. According to Watton and Stables (2016), these workers might have quitted the job due to family issues and lack of balance of work and personal life. Efficient job partners- The sharing of responsibility is beneficial for job sharers of Motorola. If two workers divide the work it would help the company in achieving two set of brains in their work (Watton and Stables 2016). The successful work would get shared between the coworkers as both of them would work hard to deliver 100% results. Disadvantages Managing two employees- it would become difficult for managers to manage the two workers on the same task (Lutz 2012). Sometimes, conflict would rise in between them due to competitive nature of employees. Compatibility issue- the coworkers of Motorola may have compatibility problems and issues. The problems may rise due to difference in working style or lack of compromising among them (Lutz 2012). It is very difficult to find two workers who are compatible and ready to work as a part timer. 4. The cultural factors that affect the implication of job sharing in any organization are codependency among workers (McNamara et al. 2013). The employees have become more significantly connected to each other. They have divided the work among them and it has helped to lessen the work load. Another factor that has a role for forming the job sharing in the organization is spending family time (Malabi 2015). The responsibilities of the employees towards their family also help in determining whether the job sharing would be successful or not. It has been seen that many employees have to take care of other matters like family or studies and have to devote their time to other options (McNamara et al. 2013). Hence, if their work is divided by using job sharing, the employees would get ample time for devoting to themselves. However there are some barriers that may hinder the progress of job sharing for the organizations. According to the cultural dimension of Hofstede, Australia is a very individualistic country (Bakir et al. 2015). People are limited to their own personal life. Hence, they need time for their own family and friends. Job sharing is helpful in providing them with ample amount of time to spend with their beloved ones. References Bakir, A., Blodgett, J.G., Vitell, S.J. and Rose, G.M., 2015. A preliminary investigation of the reliability and validity of Hofstedes cross cultural dimensions. InProceedings of the 2000 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference(pp. 226-232). Springer International Publishing. How two women became CEOs through job sharing. (2016) Retrieved 25 August 2016, from Lutz, J., 2012. Alternative Work Arrangements: An Examination of Job Sharing.Compressed Workweeks, and Flextime. Malabi, N.J., 2015. A Phenomenology of Communication and Decision-Making among Head Nurses and Staff Nurses in a Managerial Job-Sharing Unit. McNamara, T.K., Pitt-Catsouphes, M., Matz-Costa, C., Brown, M. and Valcour, M., 2013. Across the continuum of satisfaction with workfamily balance: Work hours, flexibility-fit, and workfamily culture.Social Science Research,42(2), pp.283-298. Park, S.H., Kim, J.N. and Krishna, A., 2014. Bottom-Up Building of an Innovative Organization Motivating Employee Intrapreneurship and Scouting and Their Strategic Value.Management Communication Quarterly,28(4), pp.531-560. Watton, E.L. and Stables, S., 2016. The benefits of job sharing: a practice-based case study. Williamson, S., Cooper, R. and Baird, M., 2015. Job-sharing among teachers: Positive, negative (and unintended) consequences.

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Strengths and Weaknesses King Lear free essay sample

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the character King Lear The character of King Lear is essentially a destructive character in this play due to his weaknesses but he reveals some strengths in character in acts four and five of the play. The weaknesses portrayed by Lear are his inability to see reality and his misconception of love. His strengths are his renewed optimism and his ability to become humble. Although Lear reveals these strengths the damages his weaknesses cause override his positive change in character. A central weakness of King Lear is his flaw of being blind to reality. This flaw is displayed in the exposition of the play when Lear banishes Cordelia as she refuses to confess her love for him. He is blind to reality due to his irrational expectation of his daughters and this causes him to react unreasonably to Cordelia’s defiance. The blindness of this irrational action is reinforced when Kent tries to reason with Lear stating â€Å"see better Lear and let me still remain/the blank of thine eye† and Lear who is blind to this reason banishes Kent also. We will write a custom essay sample on Strengths and Weaknesses King Lear or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The use of the words â€Å"see† and â€Å"eye† allows the audience to understand direct links between Kent’s speech and the idea of Lear’s fatal flaw of being blind. In addition to this, the use of the word â€Å"better† and the phrase â€Å"let me be the blank of thine eye† illustrate that Lear has lost his ability to see reality clearly. This flaw is increasingly developed as Lear falls further into madness and loses his grip on reality. This blindness is illustrated to the audience as Lear attempts to appeal to Regan’s ‘good nature’ which she essentially does not possess at this point. No Regan thou shalt never have my curse/thy tender-hafted nature shall not give† he states to her after aggressively criticizing Goneril. The tone of his speech to Regan is inappropriately flattering and displays his desperation as he is attempting to appeal to her filial feelings that we know Regan does not have for Lear. The tone of this speech displays his blindness to reality and to the true nature of his daughter. At this point the audience begins to develop empathetic feelings towards Lear despite the flaw of his blindness. This trait of desperation and the wish to search for something the good despite evidence to the contrary is one that many people can relate to. This identifiable trait allows us to feel sympathy for the character Lear as it is difficult to dislike him whilst he is in this state. However, the problems this flaw has caused cannot be ignored by the audience as the play develops. King Lear’s underlying desire for power is another fundamental weakness in his character in the beginning of the play. This weakness becomes obvious in the exposition of the play when Lear states to his daughters â€Å"know that we have divided/in three our kingdom, and ‘tis our fast intent/to shake all cares and business from our age†. This essentially means that Lear wishes to give away the responsibility of being a King but keep the powerful status the title brings. This desire for power is further shown when Regan and Goneril wish to strip Lear of all his possessions and his entourage. The prospect of this is unimaginable for Lear and he states â€Å"allow not nature more than nature needs/man’s life as cheap as beast’s†. Through this we understand that the only way he believes he can have power and authority is through possessions and followers as that without this he has nothing. The use simile here renforces this idea that Lear believes he is merely an animal and that his life is not worth anymore than that without any of his possessions and his status. It is this that allows us to understand his fundamental flaw in desire for power and his misinterpretation of what authority and power is. This flaw portrayed by Lear also allows us a gateway into understanding this flaw in the hierarchical Elizabethan society. The idea of the ‘chain of being’ to represent society was one that was prominent in Elizabethan times and it saw the King, closest to divinity at the top with a great deal of power and the majority of the population at the bottom with very little power. The king was wealthy and had possessions and the majority of the population did not, thus creating the link between wealth and power in this society. Through understanding the ‘chain of being’ we are able to understand his belief in his absolute power and the reasons behind his desperation to keep his possessions because power for him and Elizabethans is defined through wealth. This idea also allows modern audiences to reflect on their own society and evaluate the strength of the link between power and wealth in their society. After the storm in act 3, Lear begins to show strength in character by showing optimism despite his dismal circumstances. John Ellis praises Lear for this by describing him after the storm as having â€Å"tragic strength and will in the face of the machinations against him by his own children†. Lear is at the height of his madness in the storm when he strips off his clothes and curses the world and his two daughters Regan and Goneril. At this point it is difficult for the audience to imagine him recovering from this state, but his reconciliation with Cordelia displays his strength of optimism. Lear says to Cordelia â€Å"we two alone will sing like birds i’ the’ cage† which shows his optimism to start a new life with Cordelia despite what happened in their old life. The positive natural imagery in this quote is important and it is in stark contrast to the negative natural imagery of â€Å"hags† and â€Å"serpents† he used during the storm. This change reflects a change in the state of his mind and shows a positive quality of his ability to understand that although he has lost his wealth and power he still has the love of his youngest daughter. Lear also uses positive natural imagery when he says â€Å"ebb and flow of the moon† which illustrates that he is looking forward to living a peaceful life style with Cordelia despite their past. Both of these quotes show that he is content with living a simpler life as he has come to realise power and wealth are not the most important things in life. This strength in Lear’s character cannot be ignored however it is questionable whether this optimism overrides the destruction he has caused in his kingdom. It can also be speculated that if he and Cordelia had not died Lear would have left the kingdom in the ruin it had become to pursue a simpler life. In stark contrast to the beginning of the play, one of Lear’s strengths is his ability to become humble. It has been said that â€Å"the moment of Lear’s awakening is one of the most moving scenes in our literature†. In agreement to this statement it can be argued that his ability to be humble in contrast to his previous mindset is extremely moving. When Lear is apologising to Cordelia he says that he will â€Å"kneel down and ask of thee forgiveness†. The choice of the words â€Å"kneel† and â€Å"ask† are important here as they are submissive, not dominant words. This illustrates to the audience that Lear has gotten over his pride and arrogance and has learnt to accept and acknowledge his mistakes. Lear also shows the audience that he has become humble with the quote â€Å"talk of court news who loses and who wins, who’s in, who’s out † which displays his wish to distance himself from the court he had once cherished for the wrong reasons. This shows the strength of being humble as he has lost his position of power, but he has accepted it and he no longer cares for ‘court gossip’ or being the centre of attention. This change in character is extremely important as it allows us to understand that Lear had the ability to see the error of his ways. This change in character and the one mentioned previously are both changes that result in Lear no longer caring for the Kingdom. Although this is admirable as it had previously been the centre of his life, it is also to an extent selfish as he is leaving the kingdom which he essentially destructed. It is this that makes Lear a weak character as his actions at the beginning of the play were irreversible. The weaknesses of King Lear and his actions due to these weaknesses were too great to allow redemption for him at the end of the play despite the strengths he shows in the final acts. Lear, due to his status made too much of an impact of the Kingdom to be forgiven by the audience. However his character demanded the Elizabethan audience consider the importance they placed on the ‘chain of being’ and allowed modern audiences to reflect upon their own societal structure. His change in character also enabled us to understand that wealth and possessions do not equal happiness.